Cost of Living Index:         110  (National Average is 100) 

County Seat:                     Tulare County

Area by Square Miles:        96.89

Populatiom:                       104

Median Age:                       57

Average Household Size:    1.82



Income Per Capita:               $59,134

Median Household Income:    $9,604

Unemployment Rate:              13.8%


High School Graduates:          92.8%

College Graduates:                28.1%

Post-College Graduates:         13.1%


Average Temperature:                60.4 (F)

Average Precipitation:                 24.64 Inches

Average Annual Snowfall:            36.44 Inches

Average Annual Humidity:           75.59%


Record High Temperature:           101 (F) - July

Average High Temperature:           83 (F) - July


Record Low Temperature:            1 (F) - December

Average Low Temperature:          28 (F) - December


Average Annual Precipitation:       24.64 inches

Most precipitation on average is received in January



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